Thursday, April 22, 2010

So this wise friend of mine has been gently nudging me the last almost-three months about BellabellSoundings having gone mute. Muteness is an accusation I have rarely merited in my loquacious life.

But she's right.

Mostly I had been fretting because some readers were unable to post comments, despite valiant efforts. The explanations from Google were untranslatable, as were my responses to the explanations. So I thought, "I'll do a blog on another [site, engine, sphere, planet--you pick the right word]."

Investigated that move yesterday. Not only did I not understand most of the words explaining how easy it was to start a blog on that engine; I wouldn't have retained the explanations long enough to act upon them had I studied the language. So back to Square One.

New Resolves: I'm going to write more habitually. Regularly, each morning when I get online, I check in at Animal Rescue and click there to help provide food for abandoned animals or endangered sloths, etc. I read the obituaries in a few newspapers, so that I don't ask distant friends whether Frayeda ever finished that oil painting she'd been threatening, only to find out she'd graduated to that Larger Palette altogether. I read a couple of communal blogsites, which I find interesting but often fatiguing, given the wattage of anger, outrage or bristling umbrage. I do a little writing for a volunteer group that advises befuddled youth. So why not blog a bit on Soundings reguarly?

Which brings me to the second resolve. I'll be writing more briefly. Maybe that will help with the first resolve.

As to comments: if you have comments but can't get them posted, send them to me and I'll post them with attribution and thanks.

Today's Sounding (preliminaries behind us) has to do with a marquee outside the Lutheran Church.
We drove past it this morning, and I was startled to read: "OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN IN ALBANIA." Albania? Lutherans? Surely not. Unitarians, sure. Transmogrified Brethren, certainly. But Lutherans?

I love my sunglasses inordinantly. And they do have something of a prescription in the lenses. Rather outdated now, alas. The sign (revisited) actually announced, " Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Risen. Alleluia."


Bellabell said...


My poor old eyes thought this said Alabama instead of Albania.

And my mind went scurrying with that thought. I am pretty sure the Second Coming will be in Alabama. Not sure why, but it seems likely to me. Eastern Europe has its fair share of miracles already, sighting of the BVM, healing springs, prototype saints, pilgrimages et al, but what does Alabama have to attract tourists except large amounts of kudzo?

And whole families with less than one complete set of teeth amongst them?

And spare tires stacked in the yard, in case the house has a flat?

We need to spread this miracle-ness around, haven't had a good one here since Joseph Smith passed through ... or passed, whatever.

Love you, Molly

Bellabell said...

"Molly" is neither the one in the beret nor in bronze, but one of my dear readers who is unable to post. I would post a picture of her (in her chic little flat in paris last year) but posting pictures is another of the skill set that I don't have, and my younger techno-mentor is occupied with major life changes and promotions and marathons right now.
So= picture Molly with great harebell-blue eyes, blond hair, and an R-rated smile.

ssalgy said...

That happens to me too, less frequently than I would like. Occasionally I'll comprehend something on a sign that's many degrees off target, and I love the sensation of trying to puzzle it out, leaping to conclusions, and then realizing the truth. It puts me back in touch with my little 3-year-old self who was learning to read and making crazy kinds of sense out of things. It's that little slanted view of the world that makes it fresh and mysterious again. As much as I love to know all the true things I've accumulated, I miss the puzzlement associated with being a child.

Emily said...

Offering technical assistance to your blogging now and then is quite a large feather in my personal cap - though I'm very proud of you for persevering without any help, please please don't ever hesitate to ask.

I know the crickets are chirping over at my blog, too - I'm composting. That's it.

Good to see your posts, and as always I'm grateful for a nudge, whether intentional or not. :)