Thursday, December 10, 2009


An online site recently asked for questions that could stimulate journal-keepers and personal-history writers to divulge or discover more about themselves. The resulting 40-odd responses ranged from inventive ("Something you'd love to do if it wouldn't get you arrested") to TMI magnets ("How you disposed of dead pets").

The thread reminded me of the questions James Lipton routinely asks at the end of his ACTORS STUDIO television interviews with movie celebrities. If readers there still be of SOUNDINGS (I have been SO derelict!), I'd be much interested in your own answers to the questions. I know that posting a comment here is as chancy as expecting logic from the Alaskan Rogue (who was in our backyard this past week, with predictable results). But if posting doesn't work, email me your responses. I'll paste 'em up for all to enjoy.

Here are Lipton's questions.

1. I'm skipping his first one ("What is your favorite curse word?") because I lack enthusiasm in this sphere, and even when I come up with something, I sound like Mark Twain's wife. Olivia, trying to shame her cussing husband, memorized some obscenity and recited it. Twain responded, "Livvy, you have the lyrics down, but you just don't know the tune!"

2. "What sound or noise do you love?"
No contest: Rain on a tin roof.

3. "What sound or noise do you hate?"
Again, no contest: Television laugh tracks.

4. "What profession other than your own would you have liked to attemp?"
Assuming the requisite talent (absent in this lifetime), a mezzo-soprano diva.

b. One intriguing occupation hardly existed when I was a-choosing, and even now I don't know its proper title. But I would have been hugely engaged raising orphaned or abandoned wildlife babies prior to their return to the wild or (more likely) their assignment to an animal park.

5. "What profession would you NOT want to participate in at any time?"
Selling. Could not sell chocolate to my own clone.

6. "What's your favorite word?"

7. "What's your least favorite word?"
No originality here: the F-word. Among other things, the irony is too sad.

8. "If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?"

a. For years, I had a ready answer to this: "Your class is waiting for you."
Then, one day in the arthritis therapy pool, a truly wise, and truly loving old woman said gently, after I'd offered that answer in our watery discussion, "What if He said, 'Your teacher is waiting'?"

All I can say is that I've ever learned the most by teaching, and that I consider the source the same in both activities.

b. "OF COURSE there's chocolate here, girl!"


The mad woman behind the blog said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I'm intrigued. I also can't resist a chance to talk about myself. So here goes.

1. Here is where I first thought we were made of a different cloth b/c I do have a fave: F*CK. And I do like the irony.

2.That cloth thing: I love the sound of thunder.

3.The sound of my doorbell. Friends know to knock, salesmen don't.

4.I too am an animal lover. I would want to be a caregiver at a shelter, even if it broke my heart.

5.Same here, I HATE sales, though I find I have to do it quite often.

6.Hi! That's my favorite word...or others of the same meaning.

7.I really don't like another dirty word: c*nt. I'm all for using dirty words but that one hurts.

8."Welcome to California" I'm already here.
But my guess is he'd tell me I took a wrong turn and at best I need to go to a time out chair for a few millennia.

Emily said...

1. I agree with Mark Twain, it's got a lot to do with delivery and context. I love French epithets and don't remember to use them enough.
2. Cat purring, and cat drinking from a water dish. Dog drinking is a good sound too but a bit less...dainty.
3. Leaf blowers.
4. Too soon to answer that, I hope.
5. Cop.
6. Freecoffee ;)
7. Tie between 'committee' and 'taskforce.'
8. "Here's your library card."